Reports: Shots fired at Del Mar race track near San Diego ahead of Ice Cube concert

Gun shots were reportedly fired Sunday afternoon near the Del Mar race track north of San Diego ahead of an Ice Cube concert (Getty).

Gun shots were fired Sunday afternoon near the Del Mar race track north of San Diego.

The San Diego Sheriff’s department confirmed to Fox 5 that one person was injured in the shooting. TVG documented the shooting while calling a race with a broadcaster repeatedly saying: “There is gunfire at the track.

A witness posted video from near the entrance to the fairgrounds with audio of gunshots and video of police surrounding a man rolling on the ground. Graphic language can be heard in the video.

CBS 8 in San Diego reports that the shooting occurred toward the end of the race day as fans were transitioning to attend a free Ice Cube concert at the Del Mar Fairgrounds that was part of an ongoing summer concert series in tandem with horse races.

Per the CBS report:

According to witnesses, at the end of a race at the track the crowd was getting restless as people filed in for the Ice Cube concert that was to follow the races. A person reportedly pulled out a gun and fired it three times into the air. Sheriffs then tased the suspect and opened fire when that did not stop him.

The race track later tweeted that the situation was contained, and the concert would go on as scheduled.

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