Republicans are turning on transphobe Marjorie Taylor Greene after ‘pain in the a**’ stunts

Maggie Baska
·2-min read

Republicans are swiftly turning their backs on fellow party member Marjorie Taylor Greene after a recent series of “pain in the a**” stunts.

Greene, who is a Republican representative from Georgia, is a far-right politician who previously promoted conspiracy theories including QAnon theories and suggestions that the California wildfires were started by a space laser beam. She has also continuously shown her disdain for trans people, claiming that ditching gender stereotypes would “destroy our country”.

Republicans in the House are now reportedly turning against Greene because she is using time-consuming tactics to prevent lawmakers from continuing with routine business.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has publicly called out 40 Republican House members who voted against her attempt to delay the passage of president Joe Biden‘s $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus package.

She named the members in a public letter after her fourth attempt in two weeks to prematurely adjourn the House. Greene has continuously called for motions to adjourn, a time-consuming process that is commonly used to delay or distract from routine business in the House.

Fred Upton, a Republican representative from Michigan, told CNN that Greene’s repeated use of the tactic is “frustrating” and a “pain in the a**”. He said: “I don’t see that this is resonating at home, the motions to adjourn.

“I mean it’s just a pain. It’s a pain in the a**.”

Another senior House Republican, who asked for anonymity, said the move is “just p**sing everyone off”.

Marjorie Taylor Greene accused the 40 representatives that voted against her of “enabling [Democratic] policies that will destroy America” and accused her party members are “annoyed at the inconvenience of voting”. She explained that her calls to adjourn are attempts to “shut down Congress and put a stop to the Democrats’ radical agenda”.

Green explained that Congress “needs to close” because “every day that the House of Representatives is open is another day with the Democrats’ progressive wish list shoved down our throats”.

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In an interview with CNN, she declared that many Republicans saw nothing wrong with what she’s doing. Marjorie Taylor Greene said: “I don’t think there [are] many of my colleagues concerned with my tactics.”

However, her colleague Buddy Carter, another Republican representative from Georgia, called her motions to adjourn “tactics without reason” that “go nowhere”.

“So you’ve got to have a game plan,” Carter told CNN. “You just have to ask about the game plan there.”