Rescue of 101 baby cobras sparks experts’ outcry

This is the terrifying moment 101 baby cobras are rescued and placed in a metal pot.

The extremely venomous baby cobras can be seen hissing and flaring their hoods to strike at anyone, who gets too close.

Ironically, the rescue of such a large number of venomous snakes has triggered angry responses from conservation activists in India.

A farmer in the Bhadrak district of Odisha, India, spotted a cobra at a termite hill in his home and called a local snake rescuer S K Mirza. As Mirza dug the hill an astounding number of hatchlings were discovered.

Media reports said five adult female cobras, which had laid the legs, had also been caught.

Local forest department staff took possession of the snakes and released them in a nearby forest.

But conservation experts disputed these claims and alleged that the discovery had been staged.

They pointed out that only 24 empty shells had been found at the spot and suggested that baby cobras that had hatched elsewhere had been brought to the site to create a media sensation.

Snake expert Subhendu Mallik rubbished the talk of five female cobras laying eggs together or in vicinity and at the same time.

Cobras are strongly territorial and cannibalistic as well. “If five of them come together the stronger cobras will eat the weaker ones. Forget about them laying eggs together,” he said.

There were also complaints that Mirza was guilty of improper handling of snakes.

“He can be seen in the video trying to provoke the hatchlings and make them pose for the camera. Indian laws ban this behaviour,” said a forest official.