This Rescue Animal Was So Muddy That No One Knew What It Was

An animal that was rescued from a hole was covered in so much thick mud that no one had any idea what it actually was.

The unrecognisable creature was discovered close to Canary Wharf in London on a construction site, covered in dirt and plastic.

Clean up: Staff carefully removed all the mud from the animal (South Essex Wildlife Hospital)

It is thought the animal crawled into the hole and got stuck before builders found him in his awful state.

His rescuers initially thought it might have been a puppy but it was only when the animal was taken to South Essex Wildlife Hospital that he was cleaned up - and was discovered to be an adorable baby red fox.

Mystery solved: The animal turned out to be a red fox (South Essex Wildlife Hospital)

Having cleaned the fox up, staff at the hospital gave him the appropriate name of Muddsey and set to work building up his strength again.

Medics said that had Muddsey not been found when he was, he most likely would have died from suffocation or hypothermia.

Happily he is now ready to go back to the wild - away from any building sites…

Top pic: South Essex Wildlife Hospital