Rescue cat insists on being vacuumed by owner

Despite being self-cleaning, a cat has decided to forgo his usual method of licking himself in favour of a more modern solution: the vacuum cleaner. Ingrid Pugri Zaluski from Ontario, Canada, shared a hilarious video of her 3-year-old rescue cat, Punkin, indulging in his favourite game. In the video filmed on February 23, Punkin lies on the floor while Zaluski runs the hoover over his fur using a small attachment. The ginger cat seems thrilled with the massage, arching his back and stretching out leisurely. In another video, Punkin enjoys a full minute of hoovering, wriggling to get closer to the appliance as Zaluski hoovers along the length of his back. Punkin seems to particularly enjoy the hoover tickling between his ears and doesn’t seem put off even when it sucks at his ear. The funny moggie can be seen leaning his head up to get his chin in on the action too. The fun began when the mischievous feline took to stalking his owner whenever she vacuumed. “He was always in my way or following me around, so I decided to change the attachment and see if he would let me vacuum him – and he did,” Zaluski said. “It sucked up a lot of loose hair and he just loved the feeling. “Now it’s routine – first him, then the floor.”