Rescued Anteater Pup Explores Heights at Bolivian Sanctuary

A rescued baby anteater had fun climbing beams and reaching for heights at La Senda Verde refuge in Yolosa, Bolivia, where she was being cared for following the death of her mother, according to Natalia Cara de Medeiros, who shot this video.

De Medeiros, a biologist and traveler who volunteers at the sanctuary, said she took this video of the six-month-old Southern Tamandua pup venturing high up along wooden beams in December.

“As a mainly nocturnal animal, she usually sleeps during the day, but every once in a while, especially on cooler days, she gets very active during the day,” wrote De Medeiros in the video caption.

“Since they are arboreal animals, she simple loves hanging from the ceiling, and nobody can get her down until she decides to, because it’s too high and she is too strong!” she added. Credit: Natália Cará de Medeiros via Storyful

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