Rescued Baby Echidna Puggle Drinks Milk From Australian Wildlife Carer's Hand

A rescued echidna puggle showed a loving bond with its wildlife carer by drinking milk pooled in her hand at a shelter in Glenthompson, in the Australian state of Victoria.

The young monotreme was found in danger of being attacked by a bird in Hamilton, Victoria, and displayed large punctures which were treated to avoid infection.

In this video posted to the Facebook page of the Wildwood Wildlife Shelter, carer Pam Turner feeds the echidna, estimated to be no more than 40 days old, using a milk formula designed for native Australian animals.

Turner told Storyful the animal would likely need at least 12 months of care before being released back into the wild, as it was too young and did not have the necessary size to survive on its own. Credit: Wildwood Wildlife Shelter – Glenthompson via Storyful

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