Rescued Racoon finds his forever home with a families’ dog

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This heartwarming video shows a rescued racoon who found his forever home and is now best friends with the family dog.

Russ Swindell found baby Raccoon, now known as June, abandoned by her mother at the base of an oak tree near his home four years ago.

His wife Bethany had cared for orphan raccoons, and various other animals while growing up, and nursed the little kit back to health.

A year later, the couple adopted dog Waffles, and it was love at first sight. 

The pair can be seen cuddling, wrestling and playing together and, according to their owners, are virtually inseparable.

The odd couple have fans the world over on Instagram @JuneandWaffles, with almost sixty thousand followers.

Bethany Swindell, 36, from Russellville, Arizona, USA, said: "June was a rescue that never left. One evening, my husband found her at the base of a very tall oak tree. 

"The baby kit, now known as June, was crying and the mum was up in the tree. We left June alone and went out to eat dinner with friends.

"When we arrived back home a few hours later, June was still at the base of the tree crying. She was now covered in ants and leaves and was very weak. 

"The mum was nowhere to be seen. Since it had been many hours and it was very dark outside, we took June inside to warm her and give her fluids.

"The next day we put June back outside so her mom would have a chance to put June back up in the nest. 

"However, we never saw her mom again and the neighbour said that he had disposed of a raccoon that had been hit by a car. I don't know if that was her mum, but we ended up with a raccoon that didn't have a mom to claim her.

"So, fast forward 4 years and we still have a raccoon. June was great on the rehab part, but not great on the release part. We tried and forced her outside; however, she had different plans and is quite happy sticking around.

"We had June for a year before we got Waffles, the dog. They both loved each other instantly and have been best friend. They wrestle, cuddle, and explore together. They are never far from each other.

"They are both so cute, and sweet! It warms my heart to see them together!"

"June is not caged so we have to be mindful of having a raccoon in the house - there are locks on the toilets and that is the only type of 'child-proof' we have. 

"June is able to open doors and cabinets, can easily climb. I love to see her explore but she does have boundaries - no countertops! The rest of the house is open to her to explore. June is like having a curious toddler in the house."

"As for vet care, that is not a challenge. Our vet is great and June receives care just like a dog or cat."

"June thinks she is a person and Waffles thinks she is a raccoon! We all know that June is the queen of the house. However, my husband calls me the sun because June and Waffles' world rotates around me - I guess it is true.

"I can do whatever to June and she doesn't care - she is hesitant with strangers. Waffles is the class clown. I think it is because she was raised by a raccoon."