Rescuers Pull 18 Bodies From Wreckage of Chernihiv School

A total of 18 bodies have been pulled from the wreckage of a school in Chernihiv, Ukraine, more than a month after it was damaged by a Russian attack, according to a Ukrainian Witness interview released on April 16.

Media group Ukrainian Witness released an interview with a woman in Chernihiv, who said school Number 18 in the city had been damaged by a 500-kilogram Russian bomb on March 3.

The last bodies were pulled from the wreckage four days prior to the filming of the interview, “due to an earlier lack of equipment and massive shells,” she said. “How many injured there were, I can’t even say,” she told Ukrainian Witness, but said no children were injured.

The woman also said that she would mark the Easter holiday despite the war.

“I ordered yeast, because nobody’s cancelled Easter, and I’m going to bake,” she said, according to the channel’s translation. “Meaning no enemies will make me refuse to do my exact right thing. So Easter cakes are going to be on the frontline no matter what.” Credit: Ukrainian Witness via Storyful

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