Rescuers try saving a baby elephant after it fell down a well in Bhadragola, India

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This is the moment a baby elephant was pulled out of a well - with the help of a fully grown nelly. The five-year-old calf was strolling through a coffee farm with its herd when it accidentally slipped and got stranded inside an open well. It trumpeted for help, alerting the forest officials, who dug a trench to reach the stricken animal. But the calf kept slipping in the mud, until the team recruited the help of a big tusker called Kumki from a nearby elephant sanctuary. The fully grown elephant pulled on ropes wrapped round the baby, helping it to safety, bringing an end to the three-hour long rescue in Bhadragola, Kodagu district, India. A local source said: "Due to a slippery muddy slope, the calf continued to slide down, due to which a Kumki tusker pulled the little one out of the pit." The rescue took place today (27).

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