Research reveals the top ways American women lift each other up

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Nearly three in five women (58%) said their female friends make them feel truly empowered, new research has found. 

A recent study of 2,000 American women asked respondents to describe the different ways their friends empower and support them while also exploring the possible link between self-confidence and beauty.

And results found 72% of women feel more confident when they feel beautiful.

Some of this confidence may also come as a result of having supportive friends, and 61% of respondents reported they've gotten a call or text check-up from a friend. Other women surveyed cited much more meaningful examples of friends who've brought them meals and babysat their kids. 

More than one in three said their gal pals have helped them manage their anxiety or depression, and more than one in five said their female friends helped them take a risk they were afraid of.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Amazing Lash Studio, results also revealed that while being authentic and true to themselves (46%), practicing self-care (44%) and surrounding themselves with people who care about them (42%) made respondents feel beautiful on the outside, they were also deemed confidence boosters. 

But the biggest way women prioritize their self-care is spending time with friends (43%).

And according to the survey results, this often involves different kinds of beauty treatments. 

"Our study shows that self-care isn't only about investing time in yourself, and that socialization can be a big part of it," said Stephanie Hu, Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC CEO. "Seven in 10 women agreed that feeling more beautiful makes them feel more confident, and it's great to see women teaming up to empower each other."

While nearly half (48%) typically go to their friends for life advice, 44% also turn to their friends for beauty advice — more than they turn to websites/blogs (19%) or Instagram (17%) combined. 

"It's not surprising women trust their female friends on how to best take care of themselves," stated Hu. "When women join forces, they help each other become the best versions of themselves; their daily lives become more enriched, and there's not a challenge they can't tackle."

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