Resident branded 'selfish' after complaining about air ambulance flying over people's houses at 4am

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ANDOVER, ENGLAND - APRIL 09:  The Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance helicopter is seen at Thruxton Aerodrome as members of the UK Armed Forces work with NHS medical staff and Air Ambulance Service crews on April 09, 2020 in Andover, England. The training session was arranged to ensure that the frontline medical staff could integrate successfully with military aircraft as and when needed during the ongoing global pandemic. There have been over 60,000 reported cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the United Kingdom and 8,000 deaths. The country is in its third week of lockdown measures aimed at slowing the spread of the virus.  (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)
A resident who complained about Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance helicopter flying over at night was branded 'selfish' by Twitter users. (Getty)

A resident who complained about being woken up by an air ambulance has sparked a backlash on social media as people jumped to the charity's defence. 

The unnamed person called Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance "inconsiderate" for flying over people's homes at 4am, calling for the charity to explain itself. 

They then said they would no longer be donating to the cause. 

Air Ambulance
A complaint to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance sparked a backlash on Twitter. (Twitter/Hants & IOW Air Amb)

The post said: "Can you explain why you decided to fly at 1750 ft from St Mary's Hospital to Southampton General Hospital at 4am over residential properties - waking occupants. Inconsiderate i think, will NO longer be donating to your cause."

The post was shared by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, which wrote: "We always try our best to be there for the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, but messages like this, really affects our teams morale.

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"We are sorry the helicopter wakes people up at night, but it is not our intention to disrupt your evening, but rather save someone's life."

The post sparked hundreds of people to jump to the defence of the air ambulance, with one saying they were "gobsmacked" that someone could complain about the charity's work.

The team later thanked people for their support. (Twitter/Hants & IOW Air Amb)
The team later thanked people for their support. (Twitter/Hants & IOW Air Amb)

One military veteran even though the sound triggered his PTSD, he knew it meant the air ambulance was helping someone. 

Another said: "Because of your message I will be increasing the monthly donation I make to my local air ambulance! Ignore the haters! You are lifesaving heroes! I’m going to hazard a guess that the moaners don’t offer a great deal to society……."

Someone else said: "Its a shame people have to be like that, you do a fantastic job which i have witnessed first hand."

Many other Twitter users also asked for a link to donate, saying the complaint had prompted them to want to increase their support. 

In response to all of its well-wishes, the Air Ambulance team replied: "We are genuinely overwhelmed by your kind replies.

"Sadly this isn't the first time we've had a complaint like this and it probably won't be our last, but it's reassuring to know you are there for us."

In another message, it added: "Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to message us, donate to us and even offer us a cup of tea if we land nearby. You've cheered us up immensely.

"For anyone wanting to support us, please visit our website."

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