Residents accuse council of not doing enough to prevent flooding

Goldstone Close, Hove, was flooded yesterday <i>(Image: Ben Crowe)</i>
Goldstone Close, Hove, was flooded yesterday (Image: Ben Crowe)

Residents have accused a council of not doing enough to prevent flooding.

People in Goldstone Close, Hove, said the flooding due to Storm Claudio was “significant”.

“We get the water from everywhere here because we are at the lowest point of the Goldstone Valley,” said one resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

She said Brighton and Hove City council "need to come and visit to see what they can do".

The garage of one property in the close was flooded, causing the electricity in the house to go off.

The fire brigade attended the scene yesterday and helped to pump out the garage and get the storm drains working.

The resident said she had never seen such bad flooding. “The water was running down so fast it was like a river,” she said. “One of our neighbours was in tears.”

According to residents, three of the houses in Goldstone Close nearly flooded. Four of the properties are occupied by pensioners, some in their nineties.

Residents said this happens every year and the council is “not doing anything” about it.

One resident, a plumber who also did not wish to be named, claimed he has emailed the council ten times in the three years he has lived in Goldstone Close asking them to clear the storm drains.

“They are clogged with leaves which means every time there is significant rainfall we get this kind of flooding,” said the resident.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for wind overnight in Sussex on Tuesday, November 1.

Weather enthusiast Glenn Goldring said his weather station in Hove recorded a rate of 70.6mm of rain per hour at 10.30am on Tuesday.

The flooding in Hove happened at around 11am.

Residents tried to clear the drains themselves, with one woman up to knees in water as she tried to remove leaves clogging the storm drains.

A city council spokeswoman said: “Tuesday’s 100mph winds and heavy rainfall have resulted in trees and leaves down in many parts of the city.

“In these conditions flooding can occur when leaves build up in gullies. The gullies in Goldstone Close are cleared at scheduled intervals along with others, as part of a city-wide maintenance programme.”