Residents Left Confused After Mass Eviction Notices Erroneously Sent

DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN) —Residents of Alexander Court in East Dothan were left in limbo on whether they would have a place to eat, sleep and live.

It all started with a letter sent from their property manager, Elishia Thornton dated Tuesday. In it, she says residents’ leases were terminated immediately and they would have one week to leave.

The letter alleges lease violations.

The property printed these letters and placed them on residents’ doors.

“She [didn’t} give us [a] reason. I wanna know the reason,” said one resident.

From video obtained by the local blog the dot chew and social media posts, possible reasons for the eviction community members and residents give are late rent payments, issues with trash, and gentrification.

“She wasn’t able to tell me [anything] because she had left for the day. I didn’t get my letter off of the door until after hours,” said another resident.

Thornton refused to answer questions, simply saying, “no comment.”

But Thursday morning, a new letter was on residents’ doors, apologizing for the previous letter and assuring them they would not be evicted.

Steve Kinsman, president of Kinsman Investments, which oversees the property, says the property manager erroneously printed the automated letter on a software system she is unfamiliar with.

Kinsman says the property meant to send out late-payment notices, calling it a “mistake” and a “learning experience.”

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