Residents scream as Taal volcano emits smoke and alert level rises in the Philippines

Footage shows Taal volcano in the Philippines releasing thick smoke this afternoon (July 1) as the alert level was raised. Residents living near the volcano screamed as it rumbled and began emitting the smoke and ash. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology put the volcano on Alert Level 3 due to the continuous increase in volcano activity. A plume of grey smoke was seen stretching more than a mile into the air. Officials warned there was ‘magmatic intrusion’ at Taal’s main crater that may ‘drive succeeding eruptions’. Resident Seys Marasigan, who also captured the video outside her house in Buso Buso Batangas, said: ‘We’re all worried here because of the smoke being emitted by the volcano and I hope nothing bad happens.’

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