Residents Wait in Lines for 'Hours' to Refill Oxygen Tanks in Lucknow, India

Residents of Lucknow, India, lined up to get oxygen tanks refilled on April 26, as cases of COVID-19 soared across the country.

The newspaper The Hindu said locals in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, reported waiting in line with “crowds” of others for as long as eight hours to refill oxygen tanks, sparking concerns of superspreading.

COVID-19 cases have dramatically spiked in India over the past week, with a seven-day infection rate in excess of 300,000. The country recorded 323,144 new cases on Tuesday, short of the record 352,991 cases on Monday.

The Ministry of Railways said they have repurposed 4,000 train carriages as COVID treatment units and transported tankers filled with liquid oxygen to help supply hospitals struggling with low supplies.

Video filmed by reporter Kavish Aziz Lenin shows people handing out food and water to those standing in line to refill oxygen tanks in Lucknow. Credit: Kavish Aziz Lenin via Storyful