Residents of Waverly, Tennessee, Stand in Waist-High Floodwater as Deadly Rains Strike

Multiple counties in Middle Tennessee were inundated after deadly flooding stranded residents and damaged property, newly shared footage from Saturday, August 21, shows.

At least 22 people were known to have been killed in the flood as of Monday morning, local media reported, while at least 20 others remained missing, according to the Waverly Department of Public Safety.

This footage filmed by Joseph McFerren shows waist-deep and higher floodwaters coursing along Fairfield Drive in the city of Waverly on August 21.

“This was when the water level in the house started going down,” McFerren wrote in a caption for the first clip.

The National Weather Service forecast that heat indices would reach into the low 100s Fahrenheit (at least 37.8 Celsius) in the Nashville area during the week of August 23. Credit: Joseph McFerren via Storyful

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