‘Respect my relationship . . . respect me’ – Rachel Kolisi’s fiery response to Twitter user

‘Respect my relationship . . . respect me’ – Rachel Kolisi’s fiery response to Twitter user

Cape Town - Newly appointed captain of the Springboks Siya Kolisi recently made South Africa very proud and he’s certainly defied many odds.

So, naturally, supporters have spoken and tweeted about him a lot more than usual, especially his female fans.

One female tweep was answering another tweep’s questionnaire and wrote that even though she wouldn’t pursue someone in a happy relationship, Siya “seems like a type”.

Rachel, Siya’s wife of almost two years, didn’t take kindly to the tweet and responded with, “He’s not ‘a type’. He’s a married man responsible for 4 children.”

Rachel further expressed her frustration with women she feels don’t respect the fact Siya is a married, family man.

“I watched a local TV show last week where a local ‘celeb’ was encouraging her friend to ‘go after/date/hook up’ with Siya Kolisi. Had to rewind a few times to make sure I heard right,” she wrote in the tweet.

“Just a side note. I’ve been there for all the good times. But I’ve also been there for ALL the bad times. Honestly this should go without saying. Respect my relationship and woman to woman. Respect me.”

Siya and Rachel tied the knot in 2016 and have two bundles of joy, and they’re raising Siya’s half-siblings, Liyema and Liphelo, who spent five years in orphanages and foster care in Port Elizabeth after Siya’s mother passed away in 2009.

In an interview with Sports24, Rachel shared how proud she is of the man Siya has become. “He has grown so much as a person and has taken the responsibility in and outside of rugby very seriously.The responsibilities he has at home, coupled with the accountability to his teams and the country is massive, but he is an amazing father, leader and is a great role model.”

Since Rachel’s thread began trending and many users have responded to her comments.