Restaurant apologises for 'cashing in' on Remembrance Day by advertising 'Lest We Forget' burger

Victoria Bell
The bar in Carlisle, Cumbria, has apologised after uproar on social media. (Facebook)
The bar in Carlisle, Cumbria, has apologised after uproar on social media (Facebook)

A restaurant has apologised after being accused of “cashing in” on Remembrance Day by advertising a "Lest We Forget" burger served with poppy-seed slaw.

The Thin White Duke bar in Carlisle, Cumbria, posted pictures of the burger skewered with a cocktail stick with a poppy on its Facebook page.

In the caption it wrote: "Lest we forget Burger.

"On this special day we're bringing you this 100% Steak Mince Burger topped with Cornish cruncher cheddar, poppy seed slaw & English ale ketchup served with hand-cut chips."

Hashtags used to sell the burger included #RemembranceDay – alongside #Chips, #Mouthwatering and #Foodcoma.

User Tony Silver wrote: “Unless you're donating proceeds to the British Legion, I think it's bad taste to be cashing in on the poppy symbol this way.”

Another person said: "This is so wrong. Really cheap attempt at cashing in on a day that's about something so respectful, really bad taste."


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Karen Addison said: "Totally inappropriate and tactless. No respect."

The bar wrote under the post that it was "deeply sorry for any offence" and would be donating £131.45 from the 11 burgers sold to the Royal British Legion.

It wrote: "We have raised money for the last eight years and try to raise awareness by having a special burger on for this special day.

"This was intended to raise awareness not to cause offence, and we sincerely apologise for this."