Restaurant Blasted For ‘Crass’ Apology After Killing Customer With Nut Allergy

An Indian restaurant has been labelled “crass” after apologising for killing a man with a nut allergy - before promoting their new menu.

Mohammed Khalique Zaman, owner of the Indian Garden restaurant in Yorkshire, was jailed for six years for gross negligence manslaughter of Paul Wilson, who suffered a fatal nut allergy after eating a chicken tikka masala at the restaurant.

Zaman had ignored repeated warnings about the risks of using cheaper groundnut mix powder instead of almond powder in his curries.

Negligence: Mohammed Khalique Zaman was jailed for six years (SWNS)

His son, Emraz, has since written to customers saying they “sincerely apologise to all our loyal customers for the recent heavy press surrounding the Easingwold branch and the somewhat disappointing decision for our founding father Mr Zaman.”

The email then went on to promote the new dessert menu and praised their new pastry chef.

Regular customer Emma Foster described the letter as “one of the most crass excuses for an apology” she had ever seen.

Reaction: Paul Wilson suffered a fatal nut allergy (Rex)

She added that it was “not so much an apology as an immediate tout for business”.

Noting the “disappointing decision” of the jury mentioned in the letter, she said: “I am sure it was ‘disappointing’ for Mr and Mrs Wilson to hear of their son’s agonising last moments as he desperately fought for breath on his bathroom floor.

Unaware: Mr Wilson ate a chicken tikka masala that contained nuts (Rex)

“In the second paragraph of his email he then starts the advertising push that this apology is really all about.

“Nobody cares about the desserts in an Indian restaurant.’

Hazel Gowland, of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, described the email as ‘shocking, horrible and insensitive’.

Top pic: PA/SWNS