Retired state trooper sworn in as interim Monroe County Sheriff

Mar. 19—UNION — After an unanimous vote Tuesday morning during a Monroe County Commission special session, a retired West Virginia State Police trooper was sworn in as interim sheriff to fill the vacancy created Monday by the previous sheriff's resignation.

The Monroe County Commission met in special Session on Tuesday with the sole purpose of selecting an interim sheriff to fill the vacancy that was left when former Sheriff Jeff Jones resigned, according to a statement issued by the county commission.

With guidance from the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office, the Monroe County Prosecutor and following West Virginia State Code (§3- 10-8) the Commission, in a three to zero vote, unanimously voted to appoint Michael Miller of Marie, WV as interim sheriff.

Miller, who is retired from the West Virginia State Police and former head of security for the Greenbrier Resort, brings previous working experience to the position, according to the county commission. Miller will finish out the unexpired term, which is nine months, till the new duly elected sheriff takes office on Jan. 1, 2025.

Commission President Kevin Galford stated "To be fair in the Primary Election, we had to appoint someone not in the current sheriff race. It is our duty, as a Commission, to not interfere or give anyone an unfair advantage in the upcoming election."

County Clerk Jeremy Meadows swore newly-appointed Sheriff Miller was sworn into office Tuesday morning.

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