'Do It for Me': Retirement Home Residents Urge Public to Combat Coronavirus

Residents of a retirement community in Hershey, Pennsylvania, urged the public to “flatten the curve” and stay home to protect the elderly from the new coronavirus in a video posted March 24.

Country Meadows Retirement Communities shared this video of residents asking the public to “do your part” to lessen the spread of the virus by practicing handwashing and social distancing.

The video features a compilation of messages from residents, such as “we’ve got to flatten the curve,” “this is not about you,” and “stay home for me.”

Country Meadows, which has facilities in both Pennsylvania and Maryland, said “extreme” measures have been taken to protect their residents from the coronavirus, which has been shown to particularly affect the elderly.

Country Meadows said it has halted all visitation except for medical personnel or family members visiting for critical reasons. The facility said it has also altered dining services and certain activities to reduce the spread of the virus.

Country Meadows said on March 23 that there have been no coronavirus cases reported at its facilities. Credit: @CountryMeadows via Storyful