Retro ice lolly returns from 70s and people can't contain their excitement

ice lolly
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/Glow RM)

Sunnier days are approaching, which can only mean one thing.

Ice cream season is making a return and people are very excited. Whether it's enjoying a 99 cone from your local ice cream van or tucking into a bright blue ice pole, we all love eating frozen treats to cool down.

And if you're barmy for retro confectionary, listen up. Sweet-toothed shoppers have been quick to notice an old favourite returning to British supermarkets.

Dracula lollies are being sold as part of Walls' Dream Team collection, alongside other frozen favourites like Twisters and Rockets. So do you remember them?

When popular Instagram page New Foods UK posted a snap of the lollies online, many were excited. One said: "Looks like your goth lolly is in this!," as they tagged Dracula-loving friend.

And another gushed: "Is that a Dracula?? If so, I need these! Dracula and Haunted House were my favourite 70s lollies."

The Dream Team lolly packs are being launched in time for the Euros. They retail for £3.50 and contain six sweet treats representing each country.

The product description adds: "Crafted just in time for the Euro Cup, Wall's Dream Team brings together some of our favourite ice lollies from across Europe, making it a must-have for everyone gearing up for the big occasion. No matter who you're rooting for, we've got your taste buds covered!"

The iconic Twister lolly will represent England, while the Netherlands are being honoured with the Rocket Mix Fruit Ice lolly. Meanwhile, Portugal has a vanilla ice cream offering and there's something fruity for Belgium.

Then apparently, Dracula is doing its bit for Spain. The description adds: "Representing Spain, Max Dracula Cola helps you unleash your inner vampire with an irresistible blend of cola flavour water ice, strawberry fruit ice and creamy vanilla ice cream."