Revealed: London’s worst roads for traffic as capital named most congested in world

Traffic in London (Aaron Chown/PA) (PA Wire)
Traffic in London (Aaron Chown/PA) (PA Wire)

Four of the five most congested roads in the country are in London, new data has revealed.

The study by analytics firm INRIX reveals that London as a whole is the most congested of any major city in the world.

It found the capital’s most congested road - the Fulham Road to Morden Hall Road stretch of the A219 southbound - is also the UK’s most congested.

Drivers braving a journey down this stretch of road faced sitting in traffic for a total of 47 hours in 2022, the study showed.

The route is a major artery through the capital, with the closure of the Hammersmith Bridge also causing delays.

The A202, which forms part of the inner London Ring Road, claimed the second spot with drivers waiting a total of 45 hours at the stretch from Neathouse Place to Peckham Hill Street

The North Circular unsurprisingly also proved a headache for drivers, with the five-mile section running eastbound from Falloden Way in Finchley to Bowes Road in Arnos Grove named the third most congested.

The A24 southbound, from The Avenue to Merton High Street was named the fourth most congested, while the capital’s fifth most congested traffic corridor was revealed to be the South Circular eastbound between Norwood Road and Ravensbourne Road in Catford.

The study found: “London holds most of the top corridors for traffic delays in the UK, with 4 out of the top 5.

“In general, delays on London’s worst corridors increased over last year.

“In 2021, A503 East from Camden High Street to B152 St Ann’s Road held the top spot at 42 hours lost annually.

“This year, A219, from Fulham Road to Morden Hall Road takes the top spot at 47 hours lost for those who take the corridor.”

Outside of the capital, some of the UK’s most congested roads were to be found in Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield.

Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, was revealed to have four of the fifteen most congested roads in the country, while Leeds had two.

Its A45 eastbound from Bordesley Circus to Henry Road was especially bad, costing drivers 37 hours in waits.

Much of this congestion occurred due to road works to make improvements to the route that have run throughout the latter part of 2022.

Other cities named for their record congestion on certain roads include Edinburgh and Bristol.


1) London - A219 Southbound from Fulham Rd to Morden Hall Rd

2) London - A202 Eastbound from Neathouse Place to Peckham Hill St

3) London - A406 Eastbound from Falloden Way to Bowes Rd

4) London - A24 Southbound from The Avenue to Merton High St

5) Birmingham - A45 Eastbound from Bordesley Circus to Henry Rd

6) London - A205 Eastbound from Norwood Rd to Ravensbourne Rd

7) Leeds - A6177 Soutbound from Bolton Rd to Great Horton Rd

8) Birmingham - A435 Southbound from Haden Circus to Wynfield Gardens

9) Edinburgh - A902 Westbound from Great Junction St to Hillhouse Rd

10) Leeds - A65 Southbound from Park Road to White Horse Roundabout

11) Sheffield - A61 Northbound from Moore Street Roundabout to Bradfield Rd

12) Birmingham - A45 Westbound from Hobs Moat Rd to Bordesley Circus

13) Birmingham - A34 Southbound from Camp Hill Circus to Hamlet Rd

14) Bristol - A4174 Northbound from Hicks Gate Roundabout to Bromley Heath Roundabout

15) Edinburgh - A702 Southbound from Brougham St to City of Edinburgh Bypass