Revealed: The Manchester City secrets we've learned so far from new Amazon documentary

A new documentary has taken us behind the scenes at Man City.

They’ve had the premiere, and now it’s time for the public to get a look behind the closed dressing room doors at the Premier League champions.

Amazon’s much-anticipated documentary Manchester City: All or Nothing hits the small screen on Friday.

But if you think issues won’t appear in a season where they stormed all in front of them, then think again. Some big stuff has come out.

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Make no mistake, the fly-on-the-wall production isn’t just champagne and celebration of a job very well done.

Cracks appear as Pep Guardiola’s side challenge on four fronts. It’s all laid bare as City are left exposed to the access-all-areas agreement.

Here’s our pick of the best bits which we think will make this a much watch for all football fans.

We’ve done it: The City boss knew they had it won before the turn of the year

1: Pep felt the Premier League was won at Old Trafford in December

To the TV cameras, City’s manager never admitted it was won until it was actually won. To the Amazon crew, he was more sincere.

The game he knew they were champions? You guessed it. Away to Manchester United before the turn of the year. “You killed them while playing football,” Guardiola said in the dressing room.

Weak link: Leicester defender Harry Maguire is called slow

2: How they targeted slow Harry Maguire

It’s hard to believe after the World Cup he’s had that there are actually managers who don’t rate the England centre-half. But it appears the City boss is one of them.

In episode two in a match against Leicester, Guardiola pin-points Maguire as the weak link in the Foxes side and demanded his attackers make the most of his lack of pace. Ouch.

Big price to pay: Virgil van Dijk the £65m man

3: City’s shock at Van Dijk’s fee – and why they backed down

We were all taken aback by the money Liverpool paid out to finally lure Virgil van Dijk back in January, but none more so than Pep Guardiola.

Episode three lets you in to see why they were so shocked and outlines why they wouldn’t get into a bidding war for the Dutchman.

Boiling point: The home defeat to Liverpool saw Pep lose his cool

4: Shut up, referee!

Episode seven is explosive. Three crucial games in City’s season are all covered as their treble dream dies.

Guardiola loses it with the referee in the second leg and it’s a must watch. “It was a penalty! It was a goal and it was a penalty! Shut up!” he screams.

Ours to lose: Manchester United handed City the crown by losing to West Bromwich Albion at Old Trafford on April 15

5: The moment it was actually won

Few people expected West Brom to win City the league at Old Trafford, but when you are filming a documentary you can’t take any chances.

They struck goal after gatecrashing Vincent Kompany watching the big moment with his father-in-law – who of course turns out to be a Manchester United fan!

Pointing to his 1999 treble shirt, his taunts the defender “What does that say?” Kompany’s retort is magical: “It says you’re living in the past”.