Revealed: The most & least polite towns in the UK, according to their residents

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If living somewhere with friendly and polite neighbours is incredibly important to you, then listen up.

A new study has discovered the most polite towns and cities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, according to the people who actually live there. In contrast, the least polite places were also found.

Research carried out by used a tool created by Provident Personal Credit to consider how friendly, welcoming, and safe cities in Britain are.

Thousands of residents across the UK were asked to rate how polite their hometown is. The results were then compiled and each town or city were given a score out of 10, with one being the worst possible score and 10 being the best.

Worcester was found to be the most polite hometown in the UK, scoring 7.71, while the least polite was revealed to be London (any surprise there?)

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10 most polite hometowns in the UK

1. Worcester – 7.71

2. Swansea – 7.41

3. York – 7.34

4. Wrexham – 7.31

5. Newcastle – 7.25

6. Cambridge – 7.18

7. Chelmsford – 7.17

8. Aberystwyth – 7.12

9. Brighton and Hove – 7.1

10. Norwich – 7.09

5 least polite hometowns in the UK

1. Birmingham – 6.63

2. Gloucester – 6.57

3. Belfast – 6.54

4. Bristol – 6.5

5. London – 6.13

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