Rev Richard Coles calls out 'lively' Christians claiming his late partner David 'is in hell'

Amy West
Reverend Richard Coles has revealed that a 'small but lively' group of Christians have contacted him to tell him his late partner David 'is in hell' (Mike Marsland/Getty Images)

Reverend Richard Coles has revealed that a “small but lively” group of Christians have contacted him since he announced the death of his partner David to suggest that he’s “in hell.”

Just one day on from the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant telling the world that the 42-year-old clergyman had been ill for quite some time and passed away recently at Kettering General Hospital, Coles took to Twitter to call out those leaving spiteful messages.

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“99.99999% loveliness from people,” he explained. “Then a small but lively correspondence from Christians who wish me to know that D is in hell.”

He went on to say that the online trolls have tried to claim that he “will follow” in David’s footsteps.

“It’s like the Khmer Rouge suddenly popping up in a stream of condolence,” Coles concluded.

“Love is Love and I’m sorry there are still people who lack humanity and compassion no matter their faith,” one follower replied, as another added: “They do it to feel better about their own sad lives. Pathetic. Wishing you much warmth.”

A third urged Coles to make use of the ‘block’ feature on Twitter, while a fourth replied: “I have a feeling God would have a lot more to say about his followers harassing a grieving man than a man who lived his life with kindness, charity and love.”

“I’d take that ratio. As sick as they are, it’s good to know that they are very few and far between,” one more encouraged.

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Comedian David Baddiel chimed in too, joking: “I quite like the sound of that hell, though.”

“I’ll be there,” Tim Minchin echoed, to which Baddiel replied: “I'll put the kettle of the infinite number of intensely burning fires.”