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2. The Greatest Showman

Having dominated the music charts in 2018, it is not surprising that The Greatest Showman is a film that everyone wants to find out more about. (20th Century Fox)

Year in Review 2018: The biggest new search terms of the year revealed

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

It was the gaming phenomenon which took over schools and has its own dance moves – and now Fortnite has topped a list of the biggest new search terms on Yahoo UK.

The smash hit online shoot-em-up tops the list, in a year which has seen parents look up exactly what their children have been playing the second they get home from school.

The Greatest Showman has not just lingered in the music charts for the whole of 2018, but was also one of the top new Yahoo search terms.

The top 20 list of top new searches of the year sees the musical giant come in second place – and the top movie in a list dominated by films.

The Avengers, Black Panther and Deadpool 2 show that Marvel is not losing its touch when it comes to making movies that everyone talks about, while in the world of television, the now-cancelled Big Brother also features.