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2. Donald Trump

From a historic summit with North Korea to Game of Thrones memes on Twitter, Donald Trump is the man news digesters want to know about. (Getty)

Year in Review 2018: Stormy Daniels, Brexit and Trump top most-searched news stories

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

It’s fair to say that 2018 has had its fair share of huge news stories, many of which centred around a certain Donald Trump.

And while the President features highly in Yahoo’s most-searched news stories of the year, the woman he is alleged to have had an affair with – Stormy Daniels – also ranks in the top 10.

The former porn star claims to have been silenced by people working for Trump and wrote about alleged intimate details between her and the President in her book ‘to prove their affair was true’.

Away from the Trump controversies, Brexit proved to be the most-searched news story of the year, while concerns about Universal Credit may be behind its top three entry.

Politics takes a front seat in 2018, with Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and Theresa May all being at the fingertips of news devourers this year…