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2. How to make slime

Slime is incredibly unpopular with children and countless YouTube videos show them how to make it at home – parents clearly want to know exactly how to make the best goo. (Flickr)

Year in Review 2018: Yahoo UK's most-searched questions this year

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

Away from the biggest news stories of 2018, Yahoo users have been asking all sorts of questions – and it’s how to sell homes online that has topped the list.

Either wanting to save some much-needed pennies – or wanting to avoid giving estate agents huge sums of money – people are desperate to find out how to offload their homes to other people using the Internet alone.

A slightly different question is the second most-asked question of 2018 – and that is how to make slime.

Endless YouTube videos have had children hooked on how to make slime, rather than but it in the shops – and parents are seemingly giving in to their children’s demands to start from scratch and make a mess in the living room.

How to make pancakes and lessons on drawing also feature highly on the list, while – in the wake of the Cambridge Analytic scandal – how to delete Facebook accounts has leapt into the top 20…