Review: Calm Sea Salt Flake Crystals Bath Salts

Annabel Rivkin

Cornwall is a mystical place.

Sprites and spriggans, piskies and goblins. The Beast of Bodmin and the Whooper of Sennen Cove. It is a place alive with legend. And perhaps it was these mystical creatures who had a hand in the sea salt and mineral riches of the Lizard Peninsula. For it is a unique geology: all the salinity of the rather more exotic Dead Sea but rich with three times as many minerals.

Living Sea Therapy is a Cornish company sustainably harvesting kombu, bladderwrack and sea spaghetti to blend its Living Sea Complex, which is stuffed with a vulgarity of goodness: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur and about 50 more minerals. My current obsession is its Calm Sea Salt Flake Crystals Bath Salts, largely because they may be overriding my anxiety and adrenaline to help me sleep. Sleep. Imagine that. Added to the minerals and the hand-harvested, hydrating, sea salt flakes are sage, chamomile and lavender essential oils to help keep the mad wolf from the door. With the added benefit of noticeable skin softening.

The sea is always stirring, always restorative. And this initiative is harnessing local marine marvels to bring those life-enhancing qualities to your bathroom. All the while caring for the environment so that this can be the gift that keeps on giving. You need 20 minutes for a soak to penetrate the deep aches of mind, body and soul. This tub of crystals is gentle but potent and — just maybe — infused with the magic of Cornwall’s folklore. I like to think the faeries had a hand in the healing…

Calm Sea Salt Flake Crystals Bath Salts, £18 (