Review into why agencies did not know Radford mother and daughter had died

Police Toyota Aygo car pictured outside a property in Hartley Road, Radford, Nottingham, where the bodies of two women were found on Tuesday May 21, with big council block of flats visible in background to left
-Credit: (Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

Nottingham City Council has confirmed that a review will be held into the involvement of "all agencies" regarding the circumstances leading up to the shocking deaths of a mother and daughter in their Radford home. The women, who have not been named publicly, were found dead in the house on Hartley Road on May 21, with police saying their bodies had been there for "some time".

It has since been confirmed that no criminal offence occurred at the address after a police investigation. But exactly what did happen will only be established by an inquest - to be held at a later date.

And how the authorities failed to realise that they had been dead in the house for weeks, if not months, will be looked at in a review. A Nottingham City Council spokesperson said: “This is a tragic situation and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the mother and daughter who died.

"The full circumstances will be the subject of an inquest and a full review will be carried out to look at the involvement that all local agencies had with the family. Ahead of the inquest and review, we are unable to discuss the detail of this case, however we can confirm that the council had provided support to the family through its care and housing services.”

Police cordoned off the house on Hartley Road at about 7.30pm on the day that the bodies were found. A police car, a van and forensic investigators were spotted at the scene, as well as a private ambulance.

Neighbours said the woman who lived there was potentially "in her 40s" and that her daughter, who appeared to have special needs, was a teenager.

Some residents who spoke to Nottinghamshire Live said they had never seen the tenants, while others said they did occasionally but didn't speak to them. One woman said she had heard crying for hours one night, before it stopped at around 5am, sometime around February.