Reviewers Swear By This Game-Changing Gift Wrap Cutter From a Viral TikTok

Kelly Allen
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Photo credit: @teresalauracaruso/TikTok
Photo credit: @teresalauracaruso/TikTok

From House Beautiful

Looking to speed up the time it takes for you to wrap holiday gifts? There’s a tool by the brand Little ELF that can easily shave off a few minutes by making the cutting process much smoother, and people are obsessing over it on TikTok.

TikToker @teresalauracaruso shared a video of the product along with a few other Amazon products that are perfect for Christmas. Little ELF’s gift wrap cutter is first up in the video. To use it, you need to slide the tool over one end of the paper roll. Pull the paper through the opening in the gadget to your preferred length. Slide it down so that the paper is aligned with the blade slot in the tool. Finally, gently push the tool away from you and watch as it makes a perfect cut.

Little ELF has a TikTok account of its own where you can watch more videos of the gift wrap cutter–as seen on Shark Tank–in action. You can buy the tool from Walmart, Amazon, and directly through the brand’s website. Depending on where you buy the tool from, you can get it in green or red. It comes in various packs ranging from a single to 10-pack. On Amazon, you can snag a two-pack for about $18.

Whether you’re an expert at gift wrapping or always seem to struggle, the Little ELF gift wrap cutter will make the process smoother for anyone who wants to spread some holiday cheer.

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