Reynhard Sinaga: More victims of UK’s most prolific rapist come forward day after he is named

Colin Drury
Reynhard Sinaga: Facebook/Sinaga

More potential victims of the man thought to be the UK’s most prolific rapist have come forward after he was unmasked on Monday.

Reynhard Sinaga drugged, rendered unconscious and assaulted men who he met outside bars and clubs in Manchester. Police believe there are more than 195 victims.

The 36-year-old Indonesian lured his victims back to his city centre flat with the promise of a phone charger, after-party or somewhere warm to wait for a taxi – before he spiked their drink and attacked them while they slept.

He was jailed for life with a 30-year minimum term on Monday.

Now, after long-standing reporting restrictions were lifted allowing the Leeds University student to be identified, investigators say more men have come forward believing themselves to be possible victims.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: “For operational reasons we are unable to give out specific numbers of calls made to the incident room or information made online via the major incident public portal at this time.

“However, we can confirm that some of these reports relate to potential further victims of Sinaga.”

Investigators have already said that while Sinaga has been officially found guilty of crimes against 48 men, they are certain the number of victims is far higher.

Footage discovered on his mobile phone shows at least 195 different men being brutalised by him while apparently unconscious.

But investigators have so far been unable to identify all of them.

They believe those involved would almost certainly have woken up in the morning without realising they had been drugged and assaulted. Most would likely have attributed their blackout to their own over-indulgence.

All but one of the victims currently identified had no idea Sinaga had attacked them until police identified them after seeing the footage.

Separately on Tuesday, home secretary Priti Patel called for an urgent review into whether more stringent controls are needed for date rape drugs such as GHB – which it is believed Sinaga used.

The minister urged the independent Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs to expedite a review into whether current controls are tough enough.

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