'RHOSLC': An 'Act of War' in Palm Springs Causes Meredith to Melt Down and Threaten Househusband Dirt

After Angie Katsanevas accused Meredith Marks of being "fake" at dinner on Tuesday's episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,' the jewelry designer didn't hold back against her castmate

<p>Jamie McCarthy/Getty; Chris Haston/Bravo via Getty</p> Meredith Marks (left) and Angie Katsanevas of

Jamie McCarthy/Getty; Chris Haston/Bravo via Getty

Meredith Marks (left) and Angie Katsanevas of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.'

Tensions heated up as the women of Salt Lake City traded Utah's winter weather for Palm Springs' desert heat on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

On Tuesday's episode, which was aptly named "All Tricks, No Trust," the women arrived in Palm Springs to discover that Whitney Rose came with an uninvited houseguest, Angie Katsanevas. While Meredith Marks kept a cool demeanor in the moment, she called the situation "incredibly ill-mannered and rude" in a confessional.

"I can't imagine inviting someone on a trip without talking to the hostess about it," she added.

As the women settled into the motel, Meredith, 51, headed to Heather Gay's room to discuss the party crasher, with Heather characterizing Angie's actions as "an act of war."

Meredith said, "If this is what makes her happy, it reflects on her, not on me," before calling the party crasher a "mean girl."

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The ladies eventually reconvened by the pool, where Meredith introduced a "trust-building exercise" for the group. After pairing the women up, she tasked the Housewives with buying an outfit for their partner to wear to dinner that evening.

"Its about trust," Meredith told the ladies of the activity. "So don't put the other one in something you know they're not going to want to wear."

<p>Presley Ann/Bravo</p> Lisa Barlow in an episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'

Presley Ann/Bravo

Lisa Barlow in an episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'

However, Meredith seemingly disregarded her own rules when dressing Lisa Barlow that afternoon. "Obviously Meredith hates me," Lisa said of her look, which consisted of a sheer long-sleeve top and black skirt with silver coins.

Lisa was also displeased she had to wear the revealing outfit to a five-star restaurant. "This is no longer like a fun girl's trip," she quipped in a confessional. "This is like The Shining and I am trapped and next thing you know, two twins are gonna knock on my door and say red rum."

Whitney, 36, wasn't exactly excited about the outfit Heather picked for her either, which she described as "Kate Middleton on top and a lab tech on bottom."

"We look like the rejected Barbies at the bottom of the toy trunk," laughed Heather in a confessional of everyone's final looks.

Following the afternoon of shopping, the women headed to dinner at Copley's restaurant. The evening began with Whitney suggesting the women play a game to get to know each other a little better — which, if Housewives history is any indication, never bodes well. She encouraged the women to share one little-known fact about themselves to "shock the group."

Their secrets — like Whitney's knack for poetry and Heather's fascination with birds — proved to be quite "boring" for new Housewife Monica Garcia, who then took the opportunity to admit her 18-month-long affair with her brother-in-law to her castmates. The women were undoubtedly flabbergasted by Monica's admission, with Heather saying, "Well, somebody brought the fun," and Mary Cosby, 50, adding, "Cheers to that."

Meredith said with a smirk in a confessional, "Lisa might have alleged that I f---ed half of New York but I draw the line at in-laws."

<p>Presley Ann/Bravo</p> From left: Monica Garcia, Angie Katsanevas and Heather Gay during an episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'

Presley Ann/Bravo

From left: Monica Garcia, Angie Katsanevas and Heather Gay during an episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'

After Monica's jaw-dropping secret, Whitney introduced a new game to the women called "warm and fuzzy, cold and prickly," where they each shared a trait they loved about the person sitting to their right — as well as one characteristic to work on.

Heather kicked things off by telling Angie, 49, her "warm and fuzzy" was their high school memories. However, the Bad Mormon author also admitted she didn't trust her costar.

"She was my friend in high school and she has continually chosen to buddy up with anyone in the room except for me," Heather explained in a confessional. "I don't trust people that s--- on history and friendship. I don't trust girls that suck the biggest d--- in the room. I just don't."

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Next up was Meredith, who told Whitney that she believed she had good intentions but should work on her communication. Then, Monica told Lisa it was "hard to listen" to the Vida tequila founder complain about losing her "60,000 dollar ring" all day — a comment that Lisa wasn't too pleased to hear.

"What's your deal with me, Monica?" Lisa reacted in a confessional. "When you can afford to buy a $58,000 ring, you'll care about it too."

However, the most explosive scene of the night came when Angie decided to make a toast at dinner, during which she taught the women how to say the Greek word for "fake" as she felt it encompassed the evening.

Then, addressing Meredith directly from across the table, she said, "I came here with an open heart. I thought we were friends," to which Meredith replied, "You publicly said that you will never be friends with me. Why would I invite you, and why would you want to come here?"

Angie followed up with a slew of insults toward her castmate, criticizing Meredith's jewelry line and yelling, "Everything about you is fake."

Angie's outburst prompted Meredith to sternly ask the hairstylist to leave before attempting to find security to escort her out. However, Meredith — who was seemingly overserved that evening — mistook the waiter for a security guard.

"I'm five espresso martinis in, but even I know that that guy is a waiter, not security," Heather joked in a confessional.

<p>Presley Ann/Bravo</p> From left: Whitney Rose and Meredith Marks during an episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'

Presley Ann/Bravo

From left: Whitney Rose and Meredith Marks during an episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'

Meredith eventually left the table in tears as Lisa followed to comfort her. Speaking to Lisa outside the restaurant, Meredith referenced Angie's husband, slurring, "I want to go for the jugular and talk about the s---, the rumors, the nastiness about her. You want me to go there with her husband? I can go there. Don't f--- with me. Tell her to f--- off."

While Lisa chose not to take sides in the argument, she did express her disappointment in Meredith for defaulting to "old behaviors" and called Angie the "real victim" in a confessional. "First, it starts with 'I don't want you around,' then its 'I know information on you,' " she said of Meredith's behavior patterns. "I thought with fresh starts, new beginnings, that we weren't going to go through this again."

During the car ride home, Whitney expressed similar feelings about Meredith's behavior after the designer told the women she had more important things going on in her life than her issues with Angie — though she refused to divulge further. Whitney described Meredith's excuse as "convenient" and called it out as a recurring behavior.

"Every time that I try to have a conversation with Meredith, there's some big extraneous situation," Whitney said as the sprinter van pulled up to the motel. Meredith immediately exited the vehicle, telling the ladies she'd had enough for the evening.

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