Ric Ocasek dies aged 75: Courtney Love, Weezer and the Killers pay respects to The Cars' frontman on social media

Getty Images For The Rock and Ro
Getty Images For The Rock and Ro

The Cars’ frontman Ric Ocasek was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Sunday after an incredibly successful career as a rock star and music producer.

Ocasek was a new wave superstar in the ‘80s, creating classic songs including Just What I Needed, My Best Friend’s Girl and Good Times Roll, among many others that all sound like they should be on Jon Hughes movie soundtracks.

The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame just last year, although they formally disbanded in 1988.

He was married to model Paulina Porizkova from 1989 until 2017. They met when she starred in the band's music video for Drive.

Ocasek went on to produce music for a wide variety of artists spanning genres, including Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, Le Tigre, Guided By Voices, Bad Religion, Bad Brains and No Doubt. Many of the bands paid their respects on Twitter and Instagram, sharing personal experiences.

Country singer Tim McGraw paid his respects.

Comedian Rachel Dratch shared a story about meeting him in Boston, where the band played many of their earliest shows.

Weezer posted a touching remembrance about their time working together.

The Killers wrote about how The Cars were influential.

Nile Rodgers wrote about their time together.

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Devastated to hear of the passing on this man, Ric Ocasek. It has brightened my spirit to see how many have posted about Ric, praising his originality, flair, and brilliance. I was blessed to have known him, through friendship and work (his solo album Troubilizing was one I produced). It's hard to share the measure of a man in so few words, because, despite his greatness, Ric was open and down to earth in a way that surprised me. And in that allowed our private conversations to flow and float over 100's of topics (I was mostly interested in what he loved): the Cars, of course, his children and marriage to an eastern siren whom the world (he was aware) didn't think he deserved (he did, and she him), his guitars, Andy Warhol the person and not the myth, Boston (the city), new wave, deco art, NYC living, producing Weezer, being an A + R man, why he got out of the rat race of making hit records, Mutt Lange, grunge, and on and on and on. He's opine easy and I'd listen (for a change). Such pleasurable times I didn't fully appreciate until decades later. Lastly, two things: Ric did me a great honor when he recorded a song I'd written just for him, questioning none of it except it's quirky title (I'd gone quirky as a wry tribute). And a small memory I'll share: we were in Ric's basement, where he had a small, ad hoc studio for writing. And I was asking him a 1000th question on The Cars; in this case, the sound of the keyboard solos. He pointed at a relic. 'Well, that's it' he said. 'THE keyboard', said I? It was, and ironically at that moment Greg Hawkes stopped by and he demonstrated all those great sounds! But then I went for broke. I wanted Ric to show me how to play 'Best Friend's Girlfriend'. He picked up a guitar, played it perfectly (he was an ace guitarist) and handed it over. The sound, I noted, was exact. It was the pink Fender pictured above, and I dutifully played the opening riff as he'd showed. So what was the guitar, I asked? Ric pointed at the flamingo in my hands. My jaw dropped. It was THE guitar! Love you Ric! Gonna miss you forever

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Billy Corgan took to Instagram to say he was going to miss Ocasek forever.

No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal worked with the new wave originator on the album Rock Steady.

Peter Frampton posted about his passing.

Courtney Love posted Just What I Needed lyrics.

Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield paid homage to the new wave superstar on Twitter.

Emo band Jimmy Eat World posted a tribute.

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Thank you.

A post shared by Paulina Porizkova (@paulinaporizkov) on Sep 16, 2019 at 8:44am PDT

His former wife posted her thanks on Instagram.