Dark Humor Is All Over My Timeline After This Billionaire Said He's Creating An "Exact Replica" Of The Titanic

Dark Humor Is All Over My Timeline After This Billionaire Said He's Creating An "Exact Replica" Of The Titanic

You may remember the name Clive Palmer. He's an Australian billionaire who shook the world about three years ago after announcing his plan to rebuild a replica of the Titanic.

Well, the 69 year old – who made his money from mining – provided an update this week via a press conference. Building of the Titanic II, as it's been dubbed, is planned to start next year, and it's maiden voyage has been scheduled for June 2027, Forbes reports.

The replica is meant to feature the Titanic's famous grand staircase, as well as a smoking room, casino, and theater. Additionally – and a little too on-the-nose for this writer to handle – the Titanic II is also meant to have separate dining rooms differentiated by class. According to Forbes, plans for the third-class cafeteria illustrate long tables for the serving of "stew and mash." You know. To boast an "authentic" experience.

As you can imagine, the internet reacted the way it always does whenever a billionaire tests fate. Here's what they're saying:


Tweet by user @kirawontmiss reads "the funniest thing about rich people is that they will never learn their lesson"


Tweet from user @Y2SHAF commenting on environmental issues related to melting icebergs


Twitter: @ratedpaulie


Text from a Twitter user expressing skepticism about an exact replica of a ship with its known issues before sailing


Person holding a microphone, wearing a shirt with large text, in mid-speech or song, with a caption about learning from "ocean gate"


Man with a beard in a checkered shirt clapping hands in a kitchen setting


Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants smirks, standing underwater next to a rock
Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @Violeteyestell2


Tweet by user Imani Gandy reading "stop angering the sea for crying out loud"


Two men in orange vests stand on submarine; tweet compares them to "Titanic spirit."


Tweet by Mahwash Ajaz expressing criticism about spending priorities, implying important issues are overlooked


Tweet by user @fckuforeverr: "my favorite thing about humanity is that we never learn our lesson" accompanied by a profile icon

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