Richard Hammond's wife admits she 'almost went to pieces' following horror car crash

Richard Hammond’s wife has dubbed The Grand Tour star a “silly, silly boy” after he cheated death once again last week in a horror car crash.

Richard was filming for the Amazon Prime TV series in Switzerland when his car crashed down a hill, bursting into flames just seconds after the TV presenter managed to crawl out of the wreckage to safety.

Richard’s wife Mindy was not happy with the star.

Richard’s co-stars, James May and Jeremy Clarkson, have since admitted that they feared he’d died in the accident, with Richard lucky to escape the entire thing with just a fractured knee.

Now Richard’s wife, Mindy Hammond, has given her side of the story, admitting to the Sunday Express that she “almost went to pieces” when she learned her husband had cheated death for the second time in 11 years.

Writing in her column, Mindy recalled how Richard had called from a stretcher to warn her that he had a “bit of a shunt” but he was okay, before James May filled her in on the specific details.

Richard is lucky to be alive.

Mindy shared: “I didn’t rant or get hysterical but my brain needed to keep itself occupied with something – anything – as long as it wasn’t the reality of Richard’s situation.

“Clearly Richard was downplaying what had happened and was, I suspect, in shock having escaped the blazing car seconds before it ignited.”

Referencing Richard’s terrifying 2006 accident, which saw him spend two weeks in a coma and suffer serious head injuries after flipping a car at 318mph, Mindy continued: “Richard has done it twice – and that’s two times too many.

“Silly, silly boy… Really, he will have his toys taken off him if he keeps breaking them.

Richard posted a cheerful video from his hospital bed. Copyright: [Drivetribe]

“None of us in our little family dare consider what the outcome would have been if Richard hadn’t scrambled his way out of that car last weekend.

“We’re just incredibly grateful he got out and escaped with cuts, bruises and a broken knee.”

Shortly after news of the accident broke, Richard took to DriveTribe to share a video of himself in his hospital bed, apologising to his wife and their two children for putting them through the heartache for a second time.

The star has since had an operation to repair his knee and is due to return home to England today.

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