Richard Madeley reveals his wife Judy Finnigan 'almost died' after vomiting a litre of blood

Chris Edwards
Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan (Credit: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Images)

Richard Madeley has revealed that his wife Judy Finnigan “almost died” after vomiting a litre of blood.

Speaking about the horrifying incident for the first time, Madeley told The Sun: “She’d been taking Ibuprofen for sore knees and she had no clue that taking them on an empty stomach could seriously affect the stomach lining.”

Madeley then woke up one morning to find that his wife had vomited a litre of blood.

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“I dialled 999 and the ­ambulance arrived in about four minutes,” he said. “They had her on a drip and got her to the Royal Free in Hampstead and she had two blood transfusions.”

Finnigan later had surgery to remove four ulcers from her stomach lining, including one in an artery which was responsible for the bleeding.

Madeley was told by a doctor that if he'd called an ambulance any later, Finnigan would have most likely died (Credit: Richard Martin-Roberts/Getty Images)

Madeley continued: “It was touch and f***ing go. While she was coming round from that, the surgeon said, ‘She’s going to be fine. Did you call the ­ambulance immediately?’

“I said, ‘Yes,’ and he said, ‘Good, because if you’d waited another 20 minutes she ­probably would have bled out.’ Half an hour tops and she would have died.”

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Also in the interview, Madeley went on to say that his working relationship with Finnigan on This Morning is the reason he’s never been accused of sexual misconduct.

“Very early on I made the conscious decision that when I was in my dressing room, if anybody knocked on the door, I never let them in.

“I’d open the door and keep it open with my foot, and it became a complete habit. We’d have the conversation on the threshold and in full view of the office. It was my iron rule and it is one I still follow on GMB.”