Richard Madeley's week at Good Morning Britain was car crash TV

Mike P Williams
Piers Morgan’s stand-in is giving him a run for his money. (REX)

With Piers Morgan away from the Good Morning Britain sofa it was left for stand-in Richard Madeley to co-host alongside Susanna Reid.

After all the controversy and offence Piers, 52, causes on an almost daily basis, former This Morning host Richard, 61, somehow managed to outdo the opinionated presenter, after an array of on-air gaffes.

When he confused Home and Away with Neighbours

During an interview earlier in the week with Home and Away’s Ray Meagher (who plays the legendary Alf Stewart) and Orpheus Pledger (who plays Mason Morgan), who were in the studio to celebrate the Aussie soap’s 30th birthday, Richard decided to make things awkward.

His humour when interviewing Home and Away actors didn’t go unnoticed. (ITV)

‘I guarantee that as soon as I say the words Home and Away you will have the theme tune in your head for the rest of the day,’ said Susanna, 47, at the beginning of the interview…

…Only for Richard to start singing the theme tune to Neighbours.

His humour when interviewing Home and Away actors didn’t go unnoticed. (ITV)

Susanna looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up, but she and the guests managed brushed off the joke after a few moments of awkward laughter.

When he morphed into Alan Partridge and discussed ‘retro denim’

Richard’s known for how scarily he mimics fictional radio host and walking disaster Alan Partridge, and his comments on weather reporter’s Lucy Verasamy’s clothes didn’t go unnoticed.

After commenting on her attire earlier on, he asked: ‘We are liking the denim look, Lucy. Is it denim or future?’ which is not only a bizarre question to pose but was delivered with impeccably unaware Partridge precision.

Lucy wasn’t impressed by Richard’s comments. (ITV)

When he made creepy comments about ‘shrinkage’

Also, on another occasion and in relation to Lucy’s, 37, denim dress, Richard told her that viewers were going wild for her look, saying: ‘We’re still getting messages about that outfit. You’ll be rocking it for the next month.’

To which she replied: ‘I’m a bit worried its going to shrink in the rain, which was not the greatest move for the weather today!’

Madeley, doing his standard Partridge impression. (ITV)

Only for Richard to then creep everyone out by saying: ‘I think you should pop outside at once and test it out!’

And people didn’t appreciate his leering nature…

Surprisingly, viewers may be glad to see Piers back – which is something we never thought we’d ever hear.

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