Richard Sherman blasts Jerry Jones' 'plantation mentality' over national anthem stance

Richard Sherman is not a man known for biting his tongue.

The San Francisco 49ers cornerback lived up to his reputation Monday in an interview with USA Today where he blasted Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones over his stance on the NFL’s national anthem policy.

Richard Sherman calls out Jerry Jones ‘plantation mentality’

“The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, with the old plantation mentality,” Sherman said. “What did you expect?”

Richard Sherman did not sugar coat his feelings for Jerry Jones, calling out the Cowboys owner for his “old plantation mentality” on Monday. (AP)

The NFL reportedly recently told Jones to keep quiet over his repeated mention of the policy and insistence that Cowboys players must “stand for the anthem, toe on the line.”

Jones’ statement came last week after the NFL had announced it was suspending its policy requiring players on the field to stand at attention during the anthem while engaged in discussions with the NFLPA on how to resolve the divisive issue.

Sherman happy NFL, NFLPA are talking anthem

Sherman told USA Today that the two sides discussing the issue was a positive, but expressed skepticism on how effective talks would be.

“They’re having the conversations; that’s awesome,” Sherman said. “But there are unintended consequences. If they did this (original policy) to appease people, they didn’t appease anyone. It’s like putting a Band-Aid over a broken leg.”

His skepticism is warranted as the league has botched the issue at almost every step and created a nightmare storyline that won’t go away. Every time Jones or Sherman or Donald Trump or the NFL makes a statement on the national anthem, new life is breathed into a policy and public relations disaster.

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