Rick Perry Heckled at Stop in Ames, Iowa

FIRST PERSON | Cafe Diem in Ames, Iowa, was the location of a brief meet and greet with Rick Perry on Dec. 11. This small cafe was filled with Perry supporters, or should I say, supposed Perry supporters. A young man by the name of Jason Arment, 24, a former Marine and Iowa State University student, interrupted the speech when he shouted "Why do you hate gay people?"

The reaction from the crowd was very diverse, including one Perry supporter that shouted back at him to defend Perry. There was a short shouting match, then the man left. As an onlooker, this verbal interaction caused mixed emotion through the crowd, especially when Perry departed from the stage at the same moment. He disappeared into the crowd with no official response.

The speech presented no new information. Perry touched on Obamacare, the economy, energy and national debt. It is interesting that Perry stated within his speech he is targeting voters younger than 30. This is the age group of Jason Arment and I'm not convince this age group believes in Perry's campaign platform.

Perry did not touch on his commercial where he appears in a Carhartt jacket and puts down gays in the military and Barack Obama's war on religion. Since this commercial has been voted the most disliked video on YouTube, I would have thought he would have addressed his feelings behind the statements he made in the video.

I am especially interested in his viewpoint on how Obama has waged a war on religion in the school systems. The practice within the school systems to eliminate prayer has been in play for more than 20 years. A separation of church and state has caused many changes within the public school system and nothing Obama has done directly has changed this. I believe he needs to get his facts straight to run as a presidential candidate.

The polls in Iowa show Perry ranks in the top four with Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. After listening to his speech, I cannot say I will be voting for Perry. With the separation of church and state that has been part of our government guidelines for many years, I feel Perry will cause the U.S. to take a step backward. One thing we must do with the next president is continue to make strides forward.