Rick Stein's traditional potato salad that you can make with seasonal ingredients

Potato Salad.
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A potato salad recipe from chef Rick Stein could be a popular choice for those heading out on picnics or road trips this summer.

There are various types of potato salads with some opting for mayonnaise while others avoid the addition of eggs in their recipe, reports the Express.

When it comes to the classic recipe, Cornish chef Rick Stein always opts for condiments and whole foods to make the best version possible.

In an episode of his BBC show, Rick Stein's Food Stories, the cook demonstrated how to make the delicious dish that is paired with tomato salad and some trout.

The chef's potato salad recipe can be transferable to any dish and is perfect for a barbeque, quiche, picnic or cold pie dish.

Rick said that the recipe for success for this side dish is using Jersey Royal potatoes - which are currently in peak season. He also includes a mix of flavourful ingredients, such as shallots, fresh herbs, gherkins and capers.

Read on below to try out this recipe for yourself.

Rick Stein's potato salad recipe

Potato salad with fork.
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  • 1kg new potatoes, such as Jersey Royals

  • Two banana shallots

  • Two eggs - hard-boiled

  • One to two tablespoons of capers

  • One or two gherkins/dill pickles,

  • Four tablespoons of olive oil

  • One tablespoon of red wine or sherry vinegar

  • Two tablespoons of mayonnaise

  • Salt and pepper

  • Small handful of parsley - chopped or a mix of parsley and tarragon or dill


  1. Begin by rinsing and scrubbing the potatoes under cold water to remove dirt and slice any bigger ones into halves.

  2. Fill a large pan with boiling water and add the potatoes. Leave them to boil until fork tender then turn off the heat and lift the spuds out of the water with a slotted spoon.

  3. Transfer to a colander or sieve to drain, then set aside to cool. Meanwhile, cook two whole eggs in the reserved potato water until hard-boiled - this will take between 10 to 12 minutes.

  4. Remove the eggs and rinse under cold running water for easy peeling, then remove the shells.

  5. Chop the whole, peeled eggs into small chunks and transfer to a large mixing bowl to assemble the potato salad.

  6. Add a handful of finely-chopped parsley and tarragon then tip in the cooled potatoes. Add in the chopped shallots, a couple of teaspoons of capers and gherkins then add a "good dollop" of mayonnaise.

  7. Stir this all together until combined then serve straight away.