Ricky Gervais appears to respond after Stewart Lee trashes After Life

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Ricky Gervais has appeared to respond to criticism from comedian Stewart Lee of his Netflix series After Life.

The Office creator’s latest comedy-drama premiered its third and final season on the streaming service earlier this year.

In an interview with Rob Brydon for his podcast Brydon &, Lee described After Life as “abysmal”, also branding it “one of the worst things that’s ever been made by a human”.

While Ricky Gervais has yet to explicitly acknowledge the jibe by Lee, he tweeted on Saturday (10 September): “Watch the award-winning, record-breaking #AfterLife Now streaming on Netflix around the world.”

Alongside this message, he shared a clip from the series in which his abrasive character, Tony, calls someone else a “fat, hairy, nosy c**ksucker”.

Gervais also “liked” a number of posts about Lee from his fans, including a post in which someone describes Lee as “never-been-funny”.

Another tweet “liked” by Gervais read: “I don’t even know who Stewart Lee is however, his comments about After Life really makes him look like a sad, bitter individual.”

You can read The Independent’s review of After Life’s third and final season here.

Lee’s new stand-up show, Basic Lee, is playing at London’s Leicester Square Theatre from 16 September until the end of the year, before touring nationwide.

After Life is available to stream on Netflix.