Ricky Gervais Gets Mad When Deliberately Offensive Tweets About Caitlyn Jenner And SuBo Fail To Generate Outrage

Ricky Gervais has attempted to wind up Twitter users by posting troll bait about Caitlyn Jenner and SuBo.

But he grew frustrated when no-one cared.

He started the tweets, since deleted, by trying to be as shocking as possible and writing: ‘What’s the most offensive joke you know? Use #C***AidsSuboJenner.’

Four minutes later, he added: ‘I feel like I’ve just set a trap.’

He hadn’t.

After waiting another ten minutes Gervais, above, complained: ‘Why is no one getting offended today? I’ll have to up my game. Ooh, I know… BRUCE.’

The comedian then huffed on the social network: ‘I think it was wishful thinking that I could get the hashtag trending. Haha. I’ll try to think of something else tomorrow. As you were.’

All the tweets were soon removed.

But Gervais, 54, later followed up the barrage of offensive tweets by commenting in the early evening: ‘People don’t even @ me in abusive tweets anymore. I have to search my name for material these days. Disappointing.’

It’s not the first time the comic has purposely tried to offend Jenner and SuBo, both below.

He ripped into a number of celebs at the Golden Globes in January including Jenner.

And in 2012 the funnyman was cleared of breaking Ofcom rules by branding Susan Boyle a “mong”.

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