Five ride-sharing apps you can use instead of Uber

Uber’s licence has been revoked in London by TFL (PA Images)

With the news that Uber will not be issued with a licence to operate in London when its current agreement expires on 30 September, millions of Londoners will be looking for new ways to get around the capital.

3.5 million people who use the app in London, where some 40,000 drivers operate.

These are the some of the alternative raid-hailing apps available.


A new challenger to Uber launched in September in the form of Taxify, a start-up that is promising to undercut its main rival on price, as well as giving its drivers fair pay. Like with Uber, users can order private cars through an app on their smartphones. Available on iOs and Android.


Gett is another rival to Uber, offering courier services as well as taxis. Unlike Uber there’s no surge pricing at busy times. Available on iOs and Android. It recently teamed up with navigation app CityMapper to launch a shared commuter taxi service.

MyTaxi UK

MyTaxi allows users to order black cabs in London. It launched a 50% off fairs offer soon after the news about Uber’s licence emerged.

MyTaxi was quick to respond to the news

Addison Lee

The minicab company launched its own app to keep up with its modern rivals. Users can book taxis at their chosen times as well as ordering rides straight away. It’s prices are generally at the higher end. Available on iOs and Android.


Kabbee is a service for ordering minicabs, which says that it is 65% cheaper than black cabs. It pools the services of more than 10,000 London cabs. Available on iOs and Android.