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Rihanna steals the show at New York Fashion Week

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  • Rihanna
    Barbadian singer, songwriter, and businesswoman

For anyone who is not a fashionista, New York Fashion Week can look very dull - but Rihanna is here to change that.

The pop star took New York by storm, riding high on the back of a motorbike as she arrived on a stage purposely built with pinks mountains for models and bikers to make their way.

The show kicked off her Fenty Puma 2018 spring-summer collection - a collaboration between the singer's new beauty brand and the famous sportswear firm.

Rihanna has been marketing her brand as "beauty for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races".

She "wants everyone to feel included", and maybe that's the reason why her show in New York felt so refreshing.

Stripped from the strains of haute couture, the singer's collection was a mixture between beachwear and gymwear, with some models sporting stiletto flip-flops and Lycra suits, while others carried beach towels - one model had one wrapped around his head.

Most of the items paired two colours: navy blue pieces featuring pink embellishments and orange and black athletic suits.

Rihanna rode one of many bikes performing tricks around the stage, making a rock star sign with one hand and sticking out her tongue at the Park Avenue Armory crowd.

Diplo, the Grammy-winning producer who has worked with Beyonce and Justin Bieber, said he took a helicopter from a gig to make it to Rihanna's show.

"I think music and fashion are so coincided together, and with Rihanna, she is like equal parts a music beast and a fashion beast. And everybody has a little bit of it, they mix it up, but she's been doing it since she started," he said.

"Like, she's always been on both sides. So she's a veteran in that world. So it's amazing to be here for her show."

And if bike stunts and bright colours weren't enough, Rihanna had her Victoria's Secret angel-friends Adriana Lima and Taylor Hill to walk the catwalk for her.

Lima closed the show wearing a zip-up catsuit in cobalt and lime with boots.

Rihanna debuted around 50 different looks at the show, which closed with loud cheers from the audience.

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