Rishi Sunak is acting like a Labour sleeper agent sent in to destroy the Tories

Rishi Sunak is beginning to resemble an undercover Labour mole sent in to destroy the Tories.

This is one of two plausible theories to explain his mind-bogglingly awful start to the general election.

He fired the starting gun on the campaign by announcing a July 4th poll in the lashing rain.

He compounded this sin by making the terrible move of staging an event at the Titanic site in Northern Ireland.

Bad things come in threes and Agent Sunak’s snub of a Normandy commemoration for a TV interview capped the worst hat-trick in history.

The only other explanation for his bizarre actions is he is monumentally useless.

It is hard to imagine a worse or more poorly timed misjudgement from the hapless Tory Prime Minister.

Nigel Farage’s entry into the race - based on a promise of making July 4th an “immigration election” - sent the Tories into a panic.

The Brexiteer’s u-turn is guaranteed to split the Right and hand Labour the keys to Downing Street.

But it also meant losing even more of the crucial voters who backed Brexit in 2016 and voted Tory three years later.

These were working class folk without university degrees who felt patronised and let down by conventional politicians.

They were repelled at what they regarded as Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of patriotism and voted for Boris Johnson.

The US version of this voter backed Obama in 2008 and 2012, but preferred Trump to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Sunak leaving the Normandy celebrations early will be taken as a direct insult by these Farage-friendly voters.

They were already angry at rising immigration and now they see Sunak sticking two fingers up at war veterans.

It is the political equivalent of Farage’s lottery numbers coming up at the same time as his birthday.

Apart from a slow start in the first TV debate, Starmer’s professionalism has chimed with other voters sick of Tory chaos.

He is miles ahead in the polls against a divided opposition.

Starmer will be wary of complacency, but Sunak is a gaffe machine that will hand victory to Labour.

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