Rishi Sunak Apologises For Not Wearing Seatbelt In Car Ride Video

Prime minister Rishi Sunak
Prime minister Rishi Sunak

Prime minister Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak has said sorry for filming a clip in a moving car without wearing a  seatbelt.

A spokesman for the prime minister said he made an “error of judgment” by briefly removing his seatbelt in an Instagram video on a visit to Lancashire.

He said Sunak “fully accepts this was a mistake and apologises”.

“The prime minister believes everyone should wear a seatbelt,” the spokesman added.

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“It was an error of judgment, he removed it for a short period of time to film a clip, which you’ve seen, but he accepts that was a mistake.”

Fines of up to £500 can be issued for failing to wear a seatbelt when one is available.

There are a few exemptions, including when a car is being used for police, fire and rescue services and for certified medical issues.

It comes after Sunak was criticised for flying to Blackpool in a taxpayer-funded RAF jet rather than taking a train.

Labour said Sunak’s video was adding to “endless painful viewing” after he was previously seen struggling to make a contactless payment with his card.

“Rishi Sunak doesn’t know how to manage a seatbelt, his debit card, a train service, the economy, this country,” a spokeswoman said.

“This list is growing every day, and it’s making for endless painful viewing.”

Lib Dem deputy leader Daisy Cooper said: “The fact he’s breaking a basic law is just embarrassing and frankly dangerous.”

An AA spokesman said: “No matter who you are it is important to wear your seatbelt when in the car.”