Rishi Sunak and Douglas Ross are rivals for the crown of worst ever Tory campaigner

Douglas Ross and Rishi Sunak have been locked in competition since the first day of the general election.

Both are vying for the crown of the most incompetent Tory campaigner since universal suffrage was introduced.

Sunak became the bookies’ favourite to win when he staged an event at the Titanic centre and stuck two fingers up to veterans during the D-Day debacle.

Ross made it competitive when he decided to resign in the middle of the campaign.

Pushing aside an ill colleague in recovery from a spinal injury made his Westminster u-turn even grislier.

The launch of the Scottish Tory "manifesto" in Edinburgh, where they stood side by side, was the perfect showcase for their unrivalled incompetence.

Ross had the shameless audacity to produce a 70-plus page document full of commitments on devolved public services and tax.

This is in spite of him leaving the leader’s post in less than two weeks.

Most manifestos take a couple of years to be ditched, but his will in the shredder before the Euros are finished.

Devolved policies will be a matter for his predecessor, not him, so his brass neck and lack of self-awareness were astonishing.

One senior Tory figure summed up the Ross manifesto: “Utter bull****.”

At the press huddle afterwards, Sunak had all the energy and vigour of a dead sheep lying in a field.

Starmer arrived last week for an event in Whitburn with swagger and confidence.

The Prime Minister limped into Edinburgh looking like a sad, forlorn figure who knows the campaign is over.

History will record him as the face of landslide defeat, this generation’s John Major.

It doesn’t matter what Sunak says or does - folk have made up their minds and they want him gone.

He could promise everyone ten million quid and they would still vote against his despised rabble.

Sunak’s day trip to Edinburgh was his last to Scotland during the campaign, and probably ever.

He could make a lot more money in the private sector with only a fraction of the hassle.

Voters will be sprinting to the polling booths on July 4 and Sunak will be first in the queue.

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